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 Rules Of Role Playing

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PostSubject: Rules Of Role Playing   Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:01 am

Rules Of Role Playing

*Rule No.1*
Do not God-mode: God-modding is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with lore.

*Rule No.2*
Do not Overpower yourself or Others: Being "overpowered" is more or less what it sounds like: giving something or someone an unreasonable, unfair, unrealistic, or unbalanced amount of power, especially when it interferes with the ability of players around you to have fun.

*Rule No.3*
Do not meta-game: Meta-gaming is when a player applies OOC-retrieved information to their IC character, such as participating in a war that you only saw was stated to be happening on a clan's thread on the forums, or hearing whispering because you saw the text, and knowing a character's name because you saw their username.

*Rule No.4*
Do not mix IC and OOC: Related to meta-gaming, it is considered taboo to "mix ic and ooc." That is, players are generally encouraged not to associate information and events that occurred between active, playing characters and events that occur between the role-players themselves.

*Rule No.5*
Do Not Auto (Auto-hit, Auto-walk, etc): Auto-hitting is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond.

*Rule No.6*
Do not Lore break: Lorebreaking is when a character breaks lore, which is anything that likely affects a character or scenario.

*Rule No.7*
Do not Power Play: Powerplaying occurs when a player operates someone else's character without the other player's consent.

*Rule No.8*
Do not Play Mary-sues/Gary-sues: A Mary-sue/Gary-sue is a specific kind of character that is usually considered literarily reprehensible and otherwise unpleasant for others to play alongside.

*Rule No.9*
Approved Characters: You must have an approved character before role playing. 3 approvals if you are not a moderator, rp moderator, etc. An approval of the forum admin is needed if you have more power than a normal member.

*Rule No.10*
Please note that the characters must be approved within a month. Otherwise, your character application sheet would be locked away in Oblivion with the following notice:

[adm]This character is not approved within a month.
Character Archived and Refused.
If the topic starter, who is also the creator of the refused character, wishes his/her character to be accepted, he/she could register his/her character again with the expected changes.[/adm]
If the original owner of the character wishes to register his/her characters again, please resubmit the application form with the needed & expected changes in the Character Introduction Area.
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Rules Of Role Playing
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