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 Michelle Roberts

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PostSubject: Michelle Roberts   Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:34 pm

Pictures from Winx Club Fanon Wikia

Name: Michelle Roberts
Age: 16
Species: Fairy
Home Planet: Starmenia
Powers: Astronomy
Gender: Female
Personality: Michelle Roberts is a nice and kind girl. She loves to help the elderly and unite the divided. She is against fights, including wars. She is generous and helpful. She prays a lot and is very honest. She is obedient. Michelle, when between a fight with her friends, likes to apologize first rather than to let the fight stay longer. She is loyal to everybody she meets. She tends to put others before herself.

Though nobody is perfect. Michelle is very shy. She's one of the shyest girl in Alfea, fourth to be exact. She is also hot-headed, if you make her angry, you better run! She has a motor mouth when she's angry, and she can successfully throw the bad feeling at you, literally! She's manipulative, she tends to control her sisters! She can also make you feel guilty, as this is a branch of being manipulative. She is also vengeful, in some ways her plans for revenges will always succeed. She's emotional, she cry even if the problem is as tiny as a 4-inches heels!
Strengths: She is a great fighter: strong, fast, and good at archery. She is smart; she specializes in Math, and especially Science. Her powers increases by 31% when there is whether a new moon, solar or lunar eclipse. Michelle is good at leadership, due that she is the present princess and the future queen of her land.
Weaknesses: Michelle has a fear of spiders, she freaks out and goes out of control when she sees on; she will scream hard and loud and she loses her focus, too! Michelle, sometimes, has a hard time expressing talking, that's why almost all of her sisters misunderstood her. Michelle is not very creative, she's not good at singing, dancing, painting nor drawing; she always had has a hard time when the teacher is discussing lessons about Music and Arts. Her power doesn't act well when there's a full moon.
Low Leveled Attacks
Sun Block: She creates a yellow spherical defense shield.
Star Healing: A spell she uses to heal someone.
Medium Leveled Attacks
Crashing Comet: She forms a ball of light that goes toward the enemy. It damages one-third of a kilometer wide from where it landed.
Star Shower: She releases beam with a star-like glow that goes toward and damages the enemy by 21% of their strength.
Sunny Shower: Small yellow balls are released that can burn a small part of anything it touches.
Moon Light: A blue light beam is shoot towards the enemy. It only works when the moon is showing. It freezes the enemy for about seven minutes.
High Leveled Attacks
Shooting Stars: A powerful attack which can burn anything.
Astronomy's Solar System: Her most powerful attack in which she shoots a light beam with the power of all of the heavenly bodies combined to it.
Michelle was born on the 17th of November at her home planet, Starmenia. She was born at the end of the war on their planet. She, among seven daughters, is the first daughter of the king and the queen. Her parents loved her so much, she was so special for them and everyone! Sadly, they only had a little amount of their time left to check her since they were helping the citizens arise from the suffering they had. She grew up in the hands of a maid named Nona.
Years had passed and she was two years old. In this age, she already know how to write, read, and add. Her parents and her "almost" parents already knew she will grow up smart. This is also the age when she took her first step, after 14 months of training since when she was 1 and two months old.
5 years later, she turned seven. She had a great, enormous, and exclusive party! Every royal family and citizens in their planet was invited. They were having a great time while Michelle decided to go to the garden. Then, at the garden, she found something unfamiliar. It was a bird, a parrot to be exact. She thought it was pretty; she decided to keep it. Hearing this made the royal couple happy, knowing that their daughter is friendly towards animals.
Michelle wandered what it was like to be a normal kid. Playing what she wants and getting dirty, she wanted to experience this. But, she's afraid that the king and queen won't agree with her. She stayed as a nice and clean princess when she grew older.
A year had passed, a new baby was born. Her name was Amera, everyone loved her. The royal couple paid more attention to her than Michelle, so does the royal maids. Michelle felt lonely, like she was all alone. She felt like she was an air, she passes by and no one seems to see her. But, this doesn't got on her way. She wanted something to be her hobby, then, right around the corner she saw a bow along with 12 arrows. She saw men use it, then she though it was quite cool. She, then, immediately trained herself in the garden. She practiced archery for days, weeks, and years. Then, when she was 13, she joined an archery contest.
Michelle won first place. After that contest, she was invited to enter another one, and another. For 3 years, she claimed 10 "first in archery" trophies.
Then, it was time to go. Michelle packed everything she treasure the most, along with her needs. She also brought her bow and arrow. Everyone was lonely. The princess has to leave. It was a sad time for everyone in her planet, except for her spoiled younger sister. Everyone cried and cried when she left.
When she arrived at Alfea, she already knew her goal. It was to protect her planet from danger and be a successful queen for her land.


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PostSubject: Re: Michelle Roberts   Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:36 pm

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Michelle Roberts
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