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 Francheska Spark | The Promised Technology Fairy

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PostSubject: Francheska Spark | The Promised Technology Fairy   Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:52 pm

Name: Francheska Spark
Age: 16
Species: Fairy
Home Planet: Zenith
Powers: Technology
Personality: As a kid born with an IQ of 99, she can barely show her emotions. She was just like a robot. She speaks and interacts like Tecna when she first arrived at Alfea. Though, she is willing to give anything she has and tends to help anyone anytime, when they ask for her help. She is pretty lazy, for she plays video games all the time. When you meet her, she won't talk to you unless you speak to her. She can be very angry when you tried to stop her from playing video games. She is a perfectionist.
Strengths: She is very smart. She knows and understands her power well. She is good at playing video games.
Weaknesses: She is bad at sports and arts. Her power is worthless when there's no electricity. She has a weak body, though she can fight well using her power.
Fairy Form:
History: Born on the ninth of May, she made her parents feel wonderful. She was raised in a house full of gadgets, a house controlled by technology; this was just a normal house for the people of Zenith. As an only child, her parents gave her all she ever wanted. Their first gift was a video game, which she treasured the most. Even if she is only a year old, she knows and always play video games. These video games are fun, yet educational at the same time.

At the age of three, she started attending school. She doesn't interact with her classmates much, leaving her a "loner." At this age, she already owns 7 video games. Day and night, she plays with her "play mates," a wireless controller; a large television; and her best friend, her video game.

When she was 12, she already knew she was and always a fairy. Her parents wonder why she doesn't have wing. After they do their research, the "brackets" on her legs are there for they stand as her wings. Her parents found out that she was truly a "promised" technology fairy.

A year had passed, she was 13. She, still, has no friends but her "play mates" at home. Her parents thought that she needs to learn how to make friends, and act as a normal kid, not like a robot. They tried to convince her to go to a boarding school, but they can't. Everything was still the same, until one day.

3 years later, she turned 16. Her parents, cousins, and her uncles and aunties greeted her. Though, next September it was time to go. 4 months later, it was September. She arrived in front of the biggest campus for fairies, Alfea.

Her main goal is to be the famous creator of the most amazing video game.

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Francheska Spark | The Promised Technology Fairy
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